Professional Development

Teachers are learners too. By participating in mathematics professional development activities teachers can be made aware of new ideas to enhance their practice, knowledge and understandings so they can ultimately improve the learning outcomes of students in their classes. Teacher professional development can enhance pedagogy and teacher knowledge. Shulman (1986) identified different areas of knowledge that teachers need: content knowledge, general pedagogical knowledge (how to teach), curriculum knowledge (knowing the curriculum documents) and pedagogical content knowledge (knowing how to teach particular content).


Professional development activities I can offer:


Topics for Mathematics Professional Development:

  • Content topics

    • Making Computation reason-able
    • Making Place Value reason-able
    • Making Fractions reason-able
    • Making Early Number reason-able
    • Making Measurement reason-able
    • Making Telling the Time reason-able
    • Making Algebra reason-able
    • Making Probability reason-able
    • Making Statistics reason-able
    • Making Geometry reason-able
    • Other topics to suit your school needs…  contact me to discuss details.
  • Pedagogy topics

    • Using Inquiry for Mathematical understanding
    • Assessing understanding using inquiry
    • Preparing for NAPLAN – not just copying past tests
    • Using tasks to think and work like a mathematician
    • Other topics to suit your school needs .. contact me to discuss details.
  • Resources topics

    • Using games to reinforce concepts
    • Using ten-frames to teach number concepts
    • Other topics to suit your school needs .. contact me to discuss details.


Each topic can be tailored to a particular Year level focus e.g. early years, whole school, particular year levels. Contact me for ideas and costs.



Planning with teachers