Professional Development in Schools

I can offer a range of Professional Development activities in schools.

School change projects:

Longer term projects where I visit schools regularly for a period of time e.g. a term or a year tend to have better results. This allows me to build rapport  with the staff and to build a process of planning, action and reflection.

These projects can include a range of activities including whole school professional development, small group support, classroom demonstrations followed by reflection, mentoring etc.

An example:

In 2012 I began working with a school north of Brisbane.

The project aim was to change the students’ attitude to Maths and to improve their learning outcomes overall. We chose to focus on computation strategies instead of the traditional written algorithms. Changing computation would provide a message to the school community that they were trying something different. The school had a Maths committee (1 teacher from each year level) who I worked with to introduce the strategy approach and to help them to gain skills with the strategies themselves. These teachers worked with their peer teachers (in the same year level) in year level meetings and by doing demonstration lessons in each others’ classrooms. I provided demonstration lessons and resources in early stages and mentored the maths committee teachers to try the ideas.

After 3 years of support the school’s NAPLAN scores showed improvement and teachers reported a different feel about teaching maths in the school.

Professional development in schools - NAPLAN data StP