Conference presentations

I have presented many sessions at conferences in my career so far. Some conferences are formal research conferences where papers are submitted for publication and presentation. Other conferences are organised by education systems, publishers or teacher associations.

I am have nominated to present two workshops at the upcoming Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers conference titled Capital Maths in Canberra from 11-13 July this year (2017).

1. Teaching Place Value: Concept development, big ideas and activities. Where I will workshop one of my current projects where I have written a sequence of conceptual statements that I believe students should understand about Place Value

2. Inquiry as a Pedagogy: Less telling, More asking.  In this workshop I will share some examples of inquiry teaching including student work samples and discuss the value of questioning as a maths teaching pedagogy as opposed to lecturing.

I regularly present workshops at the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers conferences as well.

Below is a list of some of the conferences I presented between 2005 and 2008 for an example of topics.


  • Refereed paper: Capturing Students’ Thinking About Strategies Used To Solve Mental Computations By Giving Students Access To A Pedagogical Framework at the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) annual conference in Brisbane.
  • Refereed paper: Developing The Ability Of Students To Explain Their Thinking In Writing: A Case Study In Mental Computation accepted to be presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) conference in December.
  • Workshop: Strategy based computation: A framework presented at the local Qld Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT) Annual conference.
  • Two workshops: Assessing understanding through investigations for Early Years and Middle Years teacher audiences at several of the regional Groundworks Mathematics conferences organised by Origo Education in Townsville, Newcastle and Brisbane.
  • Two workshops: Big Ideas in Space and Big Ideas in Chance and Data at the Cairns Catholic Education teacher conference.


  • Refereed paper: Categorisation Of Mental Computation Strategies To Support Teaching And To Encourage Classroom Dialogue at the (MERGA) annual conference in Hobart.
  • Workshop: Strategy based computation in primary schools and Using inquiry to frame maths learning presented at the QAMT Annual and local conferences.
  • Workshop: Toward numeracy across the curriculum presented at the Literacy and Numeracy Week State
  • Workshop: Using inquiry to frame maths learning at the Flagship Literacy and Mathematics conference: Making a difference in Maths and Literacy: Practical ideas for the classroom P-10.
  • Two workshops: Patterns and Algebra: Patterns and Functions and Strategy based computation in primary schools presented at the Toowoomba Catholic Education teacher conference.
  • Workshop: Assessing student by looking for what they can do – not just what they know presented at the Cairns Catholic Education teacher conference.
  • Conference attendance: Mathematics: Essential for Learning, Essential for Life. Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Bi-Annual Conference in Hobart.


  • Attendance: MERGA Annual conference Identities, Cultures and Learning Spaces in Canberra.
  • Workshop: Maths learning and teaching – a new syllabus what’s new presented at QAMT Annual and regional conferences.
  • Workshop: Finding numeracy in a connected curriculum presented at the Literacy and Numeracy State conference
  • Workshop: Strategy based computation in primary classrooms presented at the Flagship Literacy and Mathematics conference: Engaging students in Literacy and Maths: practical classroom ideas for Years 1-12 at ACU McAuley Campus Brisbane at ACU Brisbane.



  • Workshop: Making sense of computation by doing it mentally presented at the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting in Anaheim California.
  • Workshop: Changing the focus of computation teaching in primary schools: Putting the research into practice at the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Conference in Sydney.
  • Conference: Working mathematically within the strands to implement the 1-10 Mathematics syllabus which I organised and presented multiple workshops at to introduce the then new QSA Maths syllabus to teachers from all systems.
  • Workshop: A strategies approach to the teaching of computation presented at the Maths Association of NSW (MANSW) conference in Wollongong.
  • Workshop: Using inquiry to promote thinking and working mathematically presented at the Brisbane Origo Groundworks teacher conference.